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Underbelly Downloads - Is It Worth That Much-

Author: News
Thursday, 14 February 2008
While Victorians still have to wait for the screening of Nine's Underbelly, the rest of the nation has seen it. Is it that bad- No. Is it worth downloading- Probably.

It goes without saying that Nine had heavily relied on screening the underworld-styled drama, 'based on accounts throughout 10 years of gang warfare', especially to the audience that mattered the most - Melburnians.

What Nine has done, however, is just stir the pot, creating a new level of promotion that may or may not have been designed around getting more eyeballs to watch the battling station's shows.

The ban (as justified as it was) has only intensified the audience's speculation as to what will be entailed throughout the show. Unfortunately for the courts and execs, there's no stopping the power of torrent downloads from the interweb.

One only has to allegedly look at certain sites around the internet, supposedly download a torrent application, apparently do a search for the show and, voila, many might already be seeding and downloading the first episode. Yes, even people in Victoria.

While there is a supposed copyright infringement attached to such activity, tracking the users of such applications will need a task force of its own accord.

While advertisers who had primed their spend on having their products wrapped around the show, it's the viewers that now have to ask interstaters what the go is, unless they take action into their own hands - something that's very relevant to the show's theme.

In fact, it goes without saying that the internet and the underworld are married in ways, purely through porn, videos of murders, and more porn.

Yes, porn.

Anyhoo...if it's delayed, it just means Nine will have something to show during the loll season.