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Winter Music Conference 2008 - Videos

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Thursday, 27 March 2008
The Winter Music Conference is in full swing, and the YouTube videos have started appearing on the web.

While they're always billed as 'the biggest one yet', the festival brings together the punters and the professionals seeking out a week of debauchery, sleepless nights and, maybe sometimes, music of the very, very new variety, including bootlegs (ha).

Anyhoo, we've started compiling the footage from around the event, so head to our video section to find some fresh videos from Ultra Music Festival, the Defected party and some general documentation as to what's happening out there!

Bastards...lucky, lucky bastards.

Having said that, however, it's nice to know we won't have to recover for a few hundred days after we got back from such an event...hahaha

Yeah nah...they're lucky bastards.