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Young Punx - Promo Mix

Author: Mixes
Tuesday, 28 August 2007
Over the past few years, The Young Punx have firmly established themselves as the new darlings of UK dance music, with many of the world's top DJs championing their records and over 100 BBC Radio 1 plays to date.

The Young Punx are London-based Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders. The duo is at the forefront of the UK dance scene, and their cheeky pop culture mentality has seen them catch the headlines in mainstream media as diverse as The Sun, The Mirror, La Stampa, Radio 4 news and even BBC 2 Newsnight!

October 2007 will see them release their debut album - 'Your music is killing me'. Their fresh and energetic sound that they term 'Mashpop and punkstep' is the natural next step in the evolution of mashup music - fusing elements of house, electro, breaks and drum and bass with an eclectic soundclash of popular culture references, rock, disco, 80s pop, classical and jazz to create something at once original and resolutely accessible.

Performed entirely by the band and their guests (no audio samples) with a wry sense of humour and pop art sensibility, the album will feature tracks such as the shipping forecast quoting "Rockall", cosmetic surgery sideswipe .. which is featured on the FIFA '07 game.